Why worship Jehovah...?
... because our worship will preface the beginning of John’s Vision
Hearing the Call, Hearing the Voice
“...we should become hearers of the word...”

Those who have taken faith in the Almighty have been well prepared, and those of good heart who sincerely do not believe – for whatever reason - have a well-prepared heart, waiting for the right cultivator

... but past cultivation can be treated with contempt, it can presume to need no more direction, it can believe itself to have become its own cultivator [ Matthew 21:33-4 ]. Once such ground has embraced a crop of hubris, it has abused itself and is in a much more perilous state than that which has as yet been unconvinced of its need for cultivation.

In Proverbs 8 King Solomon makes a subtle distinction between those who hear a call - קָרָא and those whose conscience makes them hear a shouting voice קוֹל - an echo of those who heard with delight God’s 10 words spoken from the mountain, and those who heard only a loud shout

In Solomon’s Scroll of Proverbs, he relates a personification of Wisdom – the earliest of God’s achievements. Wisdom cries out from the heights toward the well-trodden paths. It cries out directly at the closed town gates [ Proverbs 8:3 ] through prophet or messenger or events [ Matthew 24:32 ] [ Mark 13:29 ] It calls in a way fitting for the heart of various its audiences : a call to those who are eager to respond, and a frightening voice toward the “ruddy” or foolish ones.

When the Last Prophet raises its voice, it will be a clarion call to those who have understood God’s purpose : a herald of God’s intervention, and welcomed by those who have not closed the gates to God’s timely wisdom. They will see the great and destructive and frightening power of the Prophet, ...but will know that their conscience is perfectly prepared for what lies beyond.

...But for those hubristic cultivators who reject His timely guidance, it will be a voice to the ruddy – an implacable shout – and the destructive power of the Prophet will herald their public embarrassment at God’s intervention, as their priceless opportunity to proffer their acre as God’s to direct will be exposed as having been squandered.

As a prominent environmental campaigner releases a new documentary – “An Inconvenient Sequel” – it is worth thinking about what is inconvenient. To those with a vested interest in environmentally damaging businesses, the campaign and the scientific data are inconvenient;
Jesus depicted hubristic overseers of worship as overseers of a vineyard who treated it as their own while the Owner Himself was not in evidence
They choose to simply ignore them, safe – perhaps – in the belief that the crisis will outlive them and become some-one else’s problem…

…in the same way, God’s very intervention is inconvenient to those who presume to command Holiness – infact, for such overseers, it is preferable for God not to be in evidence at-all, so that they can run “their” vineyard without disruption... [ Luke 20:9-18 ]

The Actual Targets of God’s Message
The climate crisis will be curtailed when the world leaders call for His intervention. These will be humbled by His power, but much less embarrassed than those who had presumed to depict it in their own terms. Kings will still be kings, and will be respected – even thanked! on that day, for making the call - but who will respect those hubristic shepherds who deprived their audiences of their unique and priceless opportunity to embrace - or even hear - the truth and prepare their hearts as a welcome to the owner of the vineyards?

We could selectively cite scripture - as many chose specific words from the Law to reject Jesus’ inclusion of the nations in God’s purpose - or we could simply accept the evident role of the world leaders in God’s purpose at this turning point.

There is still time… however the Last Prophet is already murmuring from the high places, hoping to attract the attention to God’s wisdom for those who profess to value God [ Luke 12:47-48 ] Like the Gentiles in Jesus’ day - non-Jews, many completely un-spiritual - who simply benefitted from his revelation, so those now who do not believe in God will also simply benefit from His intervention, and that will surely move many of them! –

...but for we who love God, there is responsibility upon us : not to build Him in our image, but to become names rather than markers [ Proverbs 22:1 ] – to have a heart ready to hear the call, rather than one which will be forced to hide from the shouted voice [ Exodus 20:18-21 ] .